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Vestigo Consulting aims to provide Law Enforcement and Investigation and Intelligence agencies with the very best training required to excel in Internet Intelligence & Investigation, OSINT and digital policing. Whether your teams are seasoned investigators or brand new to the field, we can help you get to the next level.

Our ‘Pro’ series of courses and CPD workshops are designed around the day to day needs of professional investigators and intelligence operatives. Whether you work on the frontline or in a specialist role, if you have a requirement for online or cloud data training, then we will have a course or workshop for you.

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About Us

Vestigo Consulting was created to support law enforcement and public sector authorities along with supporting private sector companies with training and consultancy in this complex, digital landscape. We are specialists in Internet Intelligence and Investigation. Our aim as a training and consultancy provider is to empower and enable you to operate safely, securely and effectively online during the Internet intelligence & investigation process.
Vestigo Consulting Ltd is part of the Investigo Group, which includes Internet Investigation Solution (IIS), founded in 2014, the company behind Long Arm® and OSAPP® investigation platforms.

With a team of operationally experienced practitioners who are all qualified trainers at the helm, Vestigo offers a great deal of value under one roof. Find out more by clicking one of the buttons below.