june, 2020

01jun9:00 amCancelledInvestigating Illicit Financial NetworksPostponed due to COVID-19Course Type =:In-Person Course

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Course Overview

This course supports the UK’s strategic priorities for combatting economic crime.

Using current Laundromat scheme examples, this 4-day course will teach delegates how to use internet intelligence and investigation (i3) techniques to identify predicate offences and understand how criminals avoid detection whilst exploiting global financial systems via various jurisdictions to place, layer, and integrate the proceeds of crime.


On completion of the course, delegates will have the knowledge, skill and confidence to proactively detect and deter an array of financial crimes. Delegates will be able to optimise organisational risk profiling capabilities and tackle economic crime in the UK and beyond.

Target Audience

This course has been specifically designed for investigations, intelligence and regulatory roles within government departments, as well as Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Trade Compliance roles within the regulated financial sector.

Topics Covered

  • Learn leading-edge i3 tactics to identify, generate and develop intelligence on organised crime networks and understand how Laundromat schemes are utilised for financial gain and further criminal diversification;
  • Proactively identify, assess and treat risks posed by criminals, corrupt professional enablers and other individuals of concern, e.g. Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs);
  • Understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and Blockchain investigation, and their interaction with traditional (fiat and commodity) financial systems, as well as gaining practical skills to track and trace cryptocurrency activity;
  • Highlight key vulnerabilities within government agencies, as well as the regulated and unregulated financial sectors that can be exploited by criminal actors;
  • Understand the challenges facing the regulated financial industry to conduct ‘First and Second Line of Defence’ AML and regulatory investigations;
  • Empower AML/Financial Investigators and Trade Compliance staff within the regulated financial industry to proactively identify significant areas of risk, optimise Due Diligence and Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, raise ‘Red Flags’, and produce reliable, high-quality Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs);
  • Support the timely and effective identification of key enablers and trends from SARs;
  • Protect investigators and compliance officers within the regulated financial industry from prejudicing potential money laundering investigations (as per s342 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002) as a result of unskilled/reckless online investigative tradecraft;
  • Enhance intelligence collection to support future legislative and policy change to mitigate the risks posed by UK registered Shell Company structures (as recently seen in the government’s Call for Evidence and ongoing reforms relating to Scottish Limited Partnerships).


£1200 + VAT


This course is delivered in our dedicated IT suite in Liverpool



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