Vestigo Thematic Workshop

Dark Web Investigation Workshop

Course Overview

Vestigo is proud to present a brand-new course for 2022, Dark Web Investigation Workshop. 

‘Discover the dark web, the more you learn, the less you fear’. 

The ‘dark web’ is an area of the internet that all online investigators should be comfortable navigating, investigating and extracting intelligence from. 

Intended Audience

This course is designed for investigators and intelligence operatives who operate to an evidential standard. It is particularly suited to law enforcement agencies and public sector investigators, including policymakers and managers. 

Delegates do not need any experience operating on the dark web but should preferably have some previous training in digital and online investigations. Dark Web Investigation Workshop will prove challenging for delegates with limited or no prior experience in digital investigative techniques. Vestigo recommends delegates complete an III-Pro Course or equivalent course before attendance or be a competent, operationally experienced practitioner. 

Course Objective

The objective of the Dark Web Investigation workshop is to provide practitioners with the skills, knowledge and confidence required to investigate the dark web safely and securely, obtaining and securing data in a legal, ethical and evidential manner. 

Curriculum Overview

  • Legal / Ethical Issues
  • History of Tor
  • Dark Web Technology
  • Identifying Tor Relays
  • Use Tor to Safely Discover and Recover Data From the Dark Web
  • Navigating the Dark Web
  • Communication on the Dark Web (PGP Encryption / Messaging Apps / Onion Email and more)
  • Crime on the Dark Web
  • Forums and Dark Web Marketplaces
  • Child Sexual Exploitation on the Dark Web
  • Tor Reliant Operating Systems (Tails / Whonix / Qubes / Kodachi)
  • Other Dark Web platforms (I2P & Freenet)

Course Cost & Booking Information

Dark Web Investigation Workshop is a two-day classroom-based course. 

This course is hosted at our training facility in Liverpool City Centre or delivered as online training. 

The course cost is £500 + vat per person 

To book, please email:   |  Subject: DWIW