Professional Series Training

Internet Intelligence & Investigation – Professional

Course Overview

III Pro is our flagship course, delivering four  intensive days of Internet Intelligence & Investigation skills and tradecraft.

Intended Audience

This course is designed for investigators or intelligence operatives who operate online to an evidential standard when required. 

It is particularly suited to law enforcement agencies and public sector investigators.

Delegates do not need previous experience but should be computer literate and confidently be able to use windows and familiar with using the web and social media

Course Objective

To provide the necessary knowledge, skills and tradecraft for investigators and intelligence operatives to deploy online in an overt or covert capacity for the purpose of gathering evidence or intelligence from the internet & Web.

Topics Covered

Investigative Skills

  • The role of an internet investigator
  • Operate safely and securely online
  • Awareness of digital footprint, mis-attribution and obfuscation techniques
  • Deploy with a pre-defined methodology
  • Legislation and ethical considerations for to internet intelligence & Investigation
  • Screen Capture, Recording and Record Keeping
  • Digital exhibit handling
  • Disclosure relating to digital material
  • Techniques for online surveillance
  • Tradecraft for online personas
  • Attribution methodology

OSINT Skills

  • Advanced web search techniques
  • Technical website investigation
  • Social media research techniques
  • Image and video file analysis
  • Online database research
  • Online marketplace research

Course Cost & Booking Information

This course is delivered as online training. Costs for this course are £800 + VAT

To book, please email:    |   Subject: III-Pro or call 0344 247 0115 between 9:00 and 17:00 Monday – Friday.