Vestigo Thematic Workshop

Investigation Persona Workshop

Workshop Overview

Probably our most sought after workshop.

The use of investigation personas & profiles is an essential skill for all III practitioners, especially when investigating social media.

This workshop will teach attendees about the various types, styles and purposes of Investigation personas and how to create and maintain them successfully.

The workshop will look at personas for both overt and covert investigations and the ethics and legislation relating to the use of Investigation Personas.

Intended Audience

This course is designed for existing III Practitioners who have received prior III/ OSINT Training or have some experience conducting enquiries on social media sites.

This workshop is relevant to ALL Internet Intelligence & Investigation/ OSINT Practitioners.

This workshop is only available to Law Enforcement Agencies.

Course Objective

The objective of the Investigation Persona Workshop is to teach students how to successfully create and maintain a variety of profiles on various platforms for use in intelligence and investigations.

The aim of the workshop is that students will leave this workshop with a robust persona and usable profiles for multiple platforms.

Topics covered

  • Investigation Persona Levels & Styles

  • Persona Design & Preparatory Steps

  • Investigator Mindset

  • Overt v Covert

  • Legislation & Ethics

  • Generic Profiles for Google/ Firefox

  • Social Media Profiles

  • Profile Maintenance

  • Posting, Liking, Joining, Friending etc

  • Dealing with Compromise

  • + Much More

If you would like more information on this workshop, please contact us directly.

Workshop Cost

Course Location: Vestigo HQ, Liverpool City Centre / Online

Course Cost: £ 200 + Vat per person.