Vestigo Thematic Workshop

Long Arm Workshop

Workshop Overview

Our one day Long Arm® workshops are  ideal for Internet Intelligence & Investigation Practitioners who are new to the Long Arm® platform.

This workshop provides a detailed overview of Long Arm®, including all the tools and features Long Arm® offers to practitioners.

Intended Audience

This course is designed for Internet Intelligence & Investigation Practitioners who have previously received training in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Internet Intelligence & Investigation and are active practitioners.

This workshop focuses on how to use the Long Arm® platform and not III/ OSINT techniques and tradecraft. Please see our III-Pro course (Internet Intelligence & Investigation – Professional) if you require full practitioner training.


The Long Arm® workshop is only offered as an online course, delivered live by a trainer using a virtual classroom.

This workshop is a practical, hands-on session; therefore, delegates will need to access the Long Arm® platform throughout the training and use a second device to access the virtual classroom

to view the trainer’s screen and allow communication between the trainer and delegates.

Costs for this course are £150+VAT.

Workshop Objective

The Objective of our Long Arm® workshops is to give users training on the platform to help them leverage the full potential of Long Arm® in their Investigations and Intelligence deployments.

Topics Covered

  • How Long Arm® works
  • Deployment Preparation
  • Captis Pro – Screen Capture/ Recording and case management for evidential capture, disclosure, and report
  • Manual Screen Capture and File Hashing
  • Long Arm Toolkit
  • Video Downloader
  • Exif Viewer
  • File Encryptor
  • Long Arm Utilities
  • Long Arm Evidence Portal
  • Mobile Virtual Device
  • Digital Footprint Management
    • Deployment Methodology
    • Digital Hygiene

To Book:

Please visit or call 0344 247 0115 between 9:00 and 17:00 Monday – Friday.