Vestigo Thematic Workshop

Visual Analysis (III-VA) Workshop

Workshop Overview

Visual analysis is an essential Internet Intelligence and Investigation technique for various types of investigations. As the saying goes, ‘a picture can paint a thousand words’, and as such, many images and videos posted online can (unwittingly) disclose additional information to the trained eye of an investigator or researcher.

Social Media has become a primary source for displaying images and video footage either linked to offences or corroborating intelligence about the movement of subjects of investigations. In some cases, an investigation might only progress once the exact location seen in a photograph or video posted on social media can be verified. Visual media can also provide essential information that can assist with identifying alternative information sources and investigation resources, such as CCTV, telecommunications data or even witnesses. In many instances, background information can provide crucial, additional snippets of actionable intelligence that can be maximised by the trained investigator or researcher.

Our one-day Workshop Internet Intelligence & Investigation – Visual Analysis training is designed to help develop and improve the online research capabilities of staff/officers completing a wide range of intelligence and investigation operations.

Course Objective

The Vestigo Visual Analysis Workshop aims to provide the confidence, skills and knowledge for online investigators and researchers to accurately identify the location of crimes and events from imagery and video posted via social media and other internet sources. To conduct probing research and analysis of online material for intelligence operations and investigations and to produce evidential materials.

Topics covered

  • Advanced internet search techniques
  • Extracting web-based video for investigation
  • Video Analysis
  • Image research and analysis techniques
  • Online Mapping tools
  • Geolocation Methodology
  • Chronolocation techniques

Intended Audience

This course is designed for III Practitioners who are looking to upskill. It is recommended that attendees on this course have some previous training or experience conducting Internet Investigation (OSINT) Deployments. It is particularly suited to law enforcement agencies and public sector investigators.

This workshop is an ideal CPD event for those who have previously attended our III-Pro training.

Long Arm®

This course is delivered using the Long Arm® platform; however, the course is open to non-Long Arm users.

Workshop Cost

Course Location: Vestigo HQ, Liverpool City Centre / Online

Course Cost: £ 200 + Vat per person.